I'm All Left Turns (and I don't know which is right)

a Ms C's Little Blackbox Production
Over the course of 4 months, actors have gone through a gruelling and intensive actor-training program that includes use of yoga, movement, vocals and a derivative of Sanford Meisner's Repetition.

Their original piece is based off a 4.5hr horse-related exploring and devising workshop, where as a team, they embarked on a journey of a discovery leading them here- to what you see today.

I'm All Left Turns

Imagine embarking on a task you don’t know how to do. Around you are other people who are trying to help you with that task, offer you advice, tell you what they think is best- except they might not always know what they’re doing either.
Imagine also, that you’re blindfolded.

I’m All Left Turns explores the journey that some parents have embarked on to get to where they are today. As we pick through and try to put together the pieces that make up our parents, we also try to find the words for all the things we feel we haven’t been able to say to them.

Here, we look at the often untold stories that make up each person.

We look at the struggles of parenting, the struggles of trying to be a good child, and how everything can feel like a stab in the dark.

We look at all the left turns we take, just to get to a place with each other that feels

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Apr 18 - Apr 19, 2015
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